I have known him for the last few years & he has played a very significant part in my project 'Dum A Dum' with Anwesshaa & Kinjal.
I can vouch on his diligence. His training and rich background as a Classical & new age independent musician, infused into his highly poetic and intelligent persona manifested in highly evocative renditions of sitar repertoire. He strived to make his hands his voice, that which resonated his soul. Besides, his subtle approach, his acute insight into the analysis of the composition made him comprehend the harmonic and polyphonic beauty of music.
These very many skills with warm manners of a cultured individual, definitely I believe, paves the way for him in future to be an enthused teacher and a most effective instrumentalist on the concert platform.
My most ardent prayers and good wishes for his future endeavours.

Most sincerely,
Anubhabh Sen
Film Scorer | Composer
Assistant Professor at the
AR Rahman Conservatory
6th December, 2022

We want to acknowledge contribution of Mr. Sayan Ghosh in our 2021 documentary film 'The Dying Ghats of Kolkata'.
His Tagore melody on sitar suited the poignant theme of the film perfectly and we thank him for letting us use his rendering in the film. We wish him the best in his musical journey.

Poulomee Auddy 
The Dying Ghats of Kolkata