Tagore on Sitar

It was 2017, I thought to play a Tagore Song on Sitar. I was trained in vocal music firstly, also learned so many Tagore songs which is named 'Rabindrasangeet' worldwide. It was not a easy task to play Tagore songs on sitar maintaining the vocal interpretation on Instrument. Also Sitar have 5 notes gliding capacity in one glide. It was a hard task to overcome all the obstacles to maintain the vocal interpretation on sitar. That time I played a famous Tagore song 'Tumi Robe Nirobe'.

Thing got serious on 2019, I started to play Tagore songs randomly. Also remake 'Tumi Robe Nirobe' including other famous songs like 'Jana Gana Mana', 'Maharaj Eki Saje', 'Amar Raat Pohalo', 'Chokher Aloy Dekhechilem' e.t.c. I consider 'Tagore on Sitar' as long time song series. Where many Tagore songs will be uploaded in this series.

In February, 2022  I started an online workshop on Tagore Song. In this online workshop any instrument player can join and learn Tagore song on instrumental version. Specially this workshop was designed for Sitar Player who have basic skill on sitar. Except sitar player any other string instrument player can join this workshop and get benefit from it.

This is a workshop which is designed for the first time in this broad way. This is a great initiative to explore Tagore song on instrument. This workshop is designed in such way that learner can improve their 'meend' pulling (gliding) skill more.

There are many students from India, US, UK, Bangladesh, who joined this online workshop and still continuing their learning.